Resistance Workshops

We all experience resistance in many facets of our lives.  If we are not tuned into ourselves, we may not even realize there is resistance until something shifts, and the resistance is gone.  Wouldn’t it be nice to tune into that resistance early, and do the work of clearing it out proactively?  Let’s explore our resistance together in this series of group coaching sessions which focus on common areas of resistance. 

Session Topics

Each session will center on a single topic, where people commonly get stuck in resistance.  We are talking about some heavy hitters, such as:

  • Money
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Health

What is Group Coaching?

My intention with group coaching is to create a safe space of trust, where we can come together with an intention to share our experience and learn from the experiences of others.  In this setting, you may not get as much individual attention as a one-on-one coaching session, but I believe you can receive just as much guidance and insight when hearing someone else be coached.  You will walk away from a group coaching sessions with at least one new tool to take with you, to help you explore the topic in greater depth.


The group coaching session will include the following:

  • Welcome:  grab tea, find a place to sit, meet other attendees
  • Introduction:  Anne will set ground rules, and share a bit on the topic for the coaching session
  • Check-in:  each person has the opportunity to share their intention and experience, just a few minutes per person
  • Group Coaching:  we’ll dive into exploring the common themes that came up during check-in
  • Check out:  each person has the opportunity to share their biggest insight

Keep an eye out for announcements for specific sessions.

These workshops will be held at:

Rhea Essential Healing

121 N. 85th St., Seattle, WA 98103

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