How it works

We all have different stages and phases in life.  Sometimes a new stage feels inevitable, because you’ve reached the point where you just know that something has to change.  Sometimes, you notice it earlier in the process, and it feels more like a small vibration, just starting to tickle in the back of your throat.

Either way, each new stage can feel incredibly unsettling – after all, you’ve never been here before.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide?  I can work with you to help you navigate it, and get you to living a more vibrant, soul-satisfying life.  

I work with clients in the following ways:

  • The Match:  I always start with a Free 30 minute consultation.  We learn a little more about each other, and see if working together would be a good idea.
  • The Situation:  For clients with a very transition with a clearly defined scope, we can work together for a 3, 6 or 9 session package, where each session is 1 hour.
  • The Unknown:  For clients with less clarity, we can work together in an ongoing basis, either week to week, or month to month, or something in between.

Schedule a Free consultation.

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