My journey towards becoming a coach started out of a need to have deeper conversations.  I wanted to start talking about things that mattered, because I wanted to live more authentically.  I found my coaching program, and began to see progress for myself as I was coached with the same tools I now use in my practice. I want to help people who are on a similar journey, who are looking for guides along the way.  I certainly found many guides myself, and the conversations and learning that have resulted have been priceless.

My background informs my areas of specialty, as I believe that I can coach best from my deepest wounds. 

Women in Male-dominated Careers.  I was a software engineer for 15 years before I left that industry in 2018.  I had become burned out by the effort to make a meaningful impact to improve diversity and inclusion in large corporate environments.  I also found that I could no longer work in an environment where there was no room for having deeper conversations. I want to help those that are frustrated in these environments, by supporting them as a neutral third party.  

Career Transitions.  I’ve been through a few.   Moving to a new company, changing disciplines within an industry, leaving an industry altogether, and leaving corporate life for small business entrepreneurship.  Transitions are such a fertile time for growth, and a great time to revisit identities and belief systems, to see what you want to take forward.    

Divorce and Single-parenting.  Almost 9 years into my marriage, I finally started to see that my partner and I had created a pattern of codependency in our relationship, which was ultimately irreconcilable. We divorced in 2015, and I began raising my then 3 and 6 year old boys as a single parent.  It took a lot of work, but I now have a perspective of gratitude, as I have experienced immense personal growth in taking on this new role.

Codependency.  I grew up in an alcoholic family, and have found strength and hope in codependency programs. I want to help those who are just waking up and seeing toxic relationship dynamics, and need tools to change their relationship patterns.

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