One-on-One Coaching

We are all human. Things happen. These things are the circumstances of our life. And since we are all human, these circumstances drive our thoughts. There are thoughts that bring us joy, and then there are painful thoughts. These thoughts drive our emotions, and our emotions then drive our behaviors.

When we are feeling stuck, I believe the best place to start is with our painful thoughts. This is the very place we will go. First, we will learn to differentiate between the circumstances and thoughts. Once we find a painful thought, we will use some tools to gently start to reconsider that thought. Over time, we can usually dissolve the painful thought, or at least turn it around into a thought that is more true.

I believe that our current culture keeps a lot of us trapped in our minds. Our cognitive processes are limited, so now matter how much we optimize them over time, we are restricting ourselves to a very small set of information.

I believe that our subconscious mind and body holds a lot more information, by many orders of magnitude. I will teach you tools for tapping into that information source, so that you can have a lot more clarity about what you truly want in your life.

Once we use the tools above to find out what you want, I will help you to chart a path towards getting there. We will break it down into small, manageable steps, so that you can build confidence in your ability to make progress on your dreams.


  • We will meet one time per week
  • Each session is one hour, and can be over phone or Zoom
  • It is ideal to find a time where you can eliminate distractions and be present


  • 1 session:  $125 
  • 4 sessions:  $399
  • 8 sessions:  $749
  • 12 sessions:  $1099

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