One-on-one Coaching:

“I’ve really enjoyed life coaching with Anne.  She has a gentle, empathetic approach that really works for me.  She listens compassionately, her exercises are insightful, and her input helps me see the problem in a different way.  I find her coaching is an excellent complement to therapy: therapy helps me understand what/how I’m feeling, and her coaching helps me with the “Ok, now what?” part.”

“Anne’s insights have been incredibly valuable in helping me see and understand situations from a more compassionate and understanding point of view.  Getting an outside perspective helps with identifying things I wouldn’t have noticed myself.  I value them particularly because she takes the time to listen and understand the situation fully, so I really feel like she is providing insights from a place of understanding.”

Tech Career Burnout Program

“I entered the program at a time when I wasn’t on the verge of quitting my tech job, but I was planning on searching for a new job, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be in tech at all.  In the end, the outcome was that I did make progress toward the most important/relevant of the goals. I still haven’t reached a decision about how I feel about working in tech long-term as a career, but this program has given me tools to manage the day to day anxiety and frustration at my current job that I’m planning on leaving. Having the tools to manage that stress and anxiety has given me an important sense of control over my situation, and the peace of mind knowing that I am in control during my job search – it feels less urgent, and I think I will have the power to evaluate opportunities with a clearer mind about what I need from my next position.”

“The most valuable thing for me was having someone familiar with the tech industry to talk through the nitty-gritty of my current work situation and what I’m struggling with. I felt like each week, either the exercise we did together enabled me to gain deeper insight into some aspect of my current work situation, or she gave me specific advice that I was able to apply or take action on. Taking action on something that was bothering me at work was extremely valuable in helping me manage my frustration and anxiety, and makes my job more sustainable until I find my next opportunity.”

“Feeling heard and understood because I’m talking to someone who has both software engineering experience and coaching skills.”

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