Separation and Divorce

Contemplating the end of a major relationship can be one of the most difficult times of your life.  Moving forward with it can be even harder.  Make it a little easier by working with a guide who has been there and can help you work through it with empathy and compassion.

This program is for individuals at any stage of Separation or Divorce, who may be:

  • Starting to consider separation, and can’t decide whether to move forward
  • Separated, and trying to figure out if the relationship is reconcilable
  • Unquestionably on the path to divorce, and trying to figure out a plan for what’s next
  • Recently divorced, and having trouble navigating your new life

This program is also appropriate for anyone experiencing the end of any significant relationship, whether there was a marriage certificate involved or not. 

In this program, we’ll do the following work:

  • Identify and Investigate any painful beliefs you have about yourself or your partner
  • Learn to check in with yourself to have clarity about how you feel during decision making about your relationship
  • Learn to set and enforce boundaries with your current or former partner
  • Learn tools for accessing more information that is available through your body and subconscious
  • Dream up your ideal life – how it feels, what it looks like
  • Learn strategies for making small, manageable changes that will ultimately help you achieve the feelings you desire


  • We will meet one time per week for eight weeks
  • Each session is one hour, and can be over phone or Zoom
  • It is ideal to find a time where you can eliminate distractions and be present

Price: $749 for 8 one-hour sessions

If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk.

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